Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Dec 7

Ready to really, really, really geek out on running stats? Head on over to ARRS and set a timer or you’ll be there all day. Road running, trail ultramarathons…it’s all there. Wondering who won Comrades in 1923? American River in 1988? Here’s an article on Big Data guy Ken Young by Amby Burfoot that helps put the project into perspective.  Now consider how much time and energy it must take to keep that site going and consider dropping a few bucks in the GoFundMe account to help out.

Part interview, part ad with Mr. Canaday.

The guys at TAUR review a bunch of fall trail running shoes.

Alright Meltzer, your move.

A good group run, with the right mix of people, can feel like a roving cocktail party, but with sports drink instead of cocktails and snot rockets instead of hors d’oeuvres.

–The joys of running with others and all the crazy trivia and facts we learn along the way.

If you’ve got plans today, don’t click this link.  Sabine from Germany put together a webpage of every trail running film out there, and she’s still adding more.

I’d love to do one of these stair runs one day. Anyone offer advice?

This is where the “lifetime ban!” argument falls apart. Apparently this athlete took a legal supplement that was contaminated with a substance not listed in the ingredients. She failed a drug test because of it and now she’s banned. More on Ostarine right this way.

Nine inches of ground clearance, 4WD, and six hundred and fifty damn horsepower for a mere $200k: The Lamborghini SUV.

Anyone want to make sense of this? Russia is blackballed from the ’18 games, agrees not to boycott (wait, what?), and the athletes are encouraged to compete.

Great race report from Amy Leedham about her North Face run where 10th place felt like a win. What it’s like lining up next to Clare, starting with Megan, and trying to hold off Steph and Kelly. Great read and advice!

If I were in 100 mile shape, I’d sign up for the inaugural Tarawera 100 miler in February.  Paul puts on a spectacular event, he’s passionate about the sport…and doesn’t summer in New Zealand sound better than February in the winter? #NFI

iRunFar profiles one of the guys that makes this sport what it is: The OG GrandSlammer Tom Green. We learn how he got interested in ultras, how he was turned onto the slam, and how he’s recovered from the accident that nearly killed him just a few years ago.

Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

Stay tuned for an interview today with gymnast-turned-climber-turned-MUT-phenom Kelly Wolf.

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