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So when exactly should you schedule your run workouts?

…but on the other hand, make sure trail running is still fun! Here’s a story about a runner in HK who ditched her training plans in order to bring the joy back to her passion.

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iRunFar profiles one of the nicest guys in the sport: John Trent. Sarah and I interviewed John a few years ago right here…it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for MUT wisdom, stories, and context to this silly sport.

The coach and the RD should both be ashamed of themselves. Stop supporting serial cheaters! 

What were the best trail running shoes for winter 2017? 

Even Lane Johnson, an offensive lineman who will be suiting up for the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on Sunday—and who is listed at a whopping 6-foot-6 and 310 pounds—has been documented reaching 18.59 miles per hour, or 12-second 100-meter pace.

What runners can learn from football players. And yes, the thought of a guy that big running that fast is horrifying.

Smart partnership: Amelia Boone joins the Ultimate Direction team. Our interview with the sassiest tweeter in the sport is right this way.

Looking for trail runners? Just peek into the stairwell.

Frank discussion with a T&F agent about how to make money, earn appearance fees, and pick up sponsors. h/t to Mario. Any MUT agents want to talk about the same topic? I’d love to have you on the show. Email me please.

Here’s a cool trend I can get behind: Plogging. I recall a few years ago (maybe 2015?) at North Face Championships and Rory Bosio was expected to perform well. Instead, she ran with the midpack and picked up trash others had left behind. Definitely Rory, and most definitely a great example.

Shad makes a good point: Motivation is bulls%it. 

How playing sport with your kids will make you a better father (and I’d add, a better athlete.)

Costa Rican cyclists seem to have a bit of a doping problem. Twelve guys in one race turned in dirty samples!

Releasing the Natalie Larson today. Stay tuned…it’s a good one!

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