Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Feb 15

Dylan Bowman’s excellent report from his recent win at Tarawera. Not every trail is smooth and straight, and he lays it all out for us.

The trailer for Kilian’s Everest adventure is out.

The temperatures during the marathon were in the –30s and –40s…Zanda said he wandered for about a kilometre in deep snow, with no shoes for 18 hours. He said his hands were incredibly cold; he had taken off his gloves and saw his hands were yellow.

–From what I understand, the Yukon Arctic Ultra goes to every length to protect the athletes and warn them about the myriad dangers of such a crazy event. Here’s the story of one athlete who’s likely going to lose his limbs to frostbite.

I manage/coach a before school running program at my kid’s elementary school every week and agree with this article completely. What I’ve learned over the last three years doing it is simple: The program doesn’t need to be over-thought or over-organized: Show up, let the kids run, and give them encouragement. And bonus for me: I’m surrounded by kids unencumbered by bad running habits or forced competition…they’re out there because they love it.

Some ultramarathons are events wrapped around a gimmick. Example. Then there’s this new race in the UK that has runners navigating a tunnel for a few hundred kilometers that will certainly test the endurance of both the body and the mind. You in?

Bruce Fordyce posts about the magic of training on your home turf.

You can have a strong body and mind, but if you get hurt, none of it matters. Here are some ways to stay resilient as an endurance athlete.

Doping is rampant in the Olympics. Here’s why and how. Good thing they banned those Russian athletes from the Games! Oh, wait…

More on the Olympics: I could swear I read an article in the past few days about how and why snowsports athletes are able to display sponsor logos (more here) while T&F athletes are verboten from any advertising other than Nike. Can anyone help me find it?

Ian reports on the Coastal Challenge from Costa Rica. with updates and some stunning pictures.

Eight dreamy trails that aren’t part of the Triple Crown.

Recording new episode today with a first time 100k runner who’s married to an elite HOKA athlete and MUT coach. Anxious to hear what she learned!

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