Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Feb 22

Great piece by Aliza LaPierre in irunfar about who she’s racing when she steps on the starting line of an ultramarathon. Honest and informative writing. 

Should our gear choices reflect our morals? Seems like a slippery slope to me, but I’m a believer in the power of the free market, so have at it, folks.

The state of Pennsylvania has put out some incredible trail runners. Here’s a list of the best hiking/running trails in the keystone state.

I’m shocked! Joe Gray nabs another podium in a tough XC race with a strong international field. Here’s our interview with him from last year.

Fort Clinch 100. Great report: http://runningthecarolinas.blogspot.com/2014/04/fort-clinch-100-50-mile-race.html

In shape for a 50 or 100 next month and want to escape the cold? Be sure to check out the Fort Clinch Ultramarathon in Florida. The race covers different terrains on a 10-ish mile loop course (with no major climbs!) and is at risk of cancellation unless they get a few more entries this week. Get on it, folks!  #NFI

Ultra Trail Haricana will be held in the Quebec back country this September and Brian Rusiecki will be racing on what appears to be a tough course–perfect for this guy.  

No disrespect to the athletes who’ve worked hard to compete in the Games, but this was my favorite moment over the last two weeks.

I don’t begin to understand the depths of eating disorders, but here’s an article about identifying and treating female athletes. Good read.

Science: Moderate drinking more effective at life expectancy than moderate exercise. Good thing for our crowd is that many of us do a lot of each.

“There’s a lawn chair in the back of the pain cave with my name on it.”

How Gold Medal XC skier Jessie Diggins pushes through pain and suffering.

It’s tough to compare diversity in one sport to others, but this author makes a point that the sport of running needs an athlete like Mikaela Shiffrin. Is he missing any other current athletes with such a range?

Great report from a guy who ran 100 miles across a really, really frozen lake in Northern Mongolia.

Whew! Looks like Australian runners are coming to their senses.

Update: My “Dry January” has stretched to February with no signs of going back. I haven’t had any booze and don’t really miss it (and yes, Homer Simpson, beer counts as booze just as bacon counts as meat.) I’ve struggled with moderation in all aspects of life (hello, ultrarunning?!?), so this pattern shouldn’t be surprising to me. 

I know plenty of runners (incl my sister) who have Raynaud’s Disease. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your fingers and toes warm.

Super stoked to talk with a new guest today that I’m dying to learn more about. If you’d like to get questions in (and support my work!), head on over to Patreon.  Thank You!

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