Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Feb 8

Ultramarathon and trail runners come from all different backgrounds and are all shapes and sizes. Some of us are fast, some are slow, but the one thing that binds us together is that nearly all of us have had to recover from a running related injury. Here’s a piece by David Roche that walks us through that process.

Ruby Muir, Kelly Wolf, DBo, Amanda Basham, Cody Reed….here’s your Tarawera 100k preview.

How to improve your downhill trail running. Great stuff.

–A list of the most innovative fitness products for 2018, including the above Superman simulator slash sex machine slash home gym slash proctology exam table slash VR gaming system. Innovative for sure!

A brief primer on all those nordic sports. I’m reminded of the first time OG host Scotty and I heard “skimo” mentioned and we thought it was a genre of music.

Check out our latest podcast with Angela Shartel. From massive weight loss to the pressures of being an elite runner to her incredible recovery following spinal surgery, Angela drops some knowledge on how she handles races, she opens up about dealing with self-doubt, and she gives us a tour of breweries in and around San Diego. 

That episode was sponsored by the Yeti Trail Runners. Listen to our interview with Chief Yeti Jason Green right here. If you’re looking for cool trail gear or fun trail and ultramarathon races (from timed events to pure trail)  in and around Atlanta, look no further than the Yeti Trail Runners.

Here’s a LetsRun interview with young female track stars Mary Cain and Katelyn Tuohy where Katelyn talks about managing expectations and stress. It sounds like it’d do her some good to talk to Angela about dealing with the pressures and keeping the joy in running.

South Africa is going through a severe drought right now, with taps set to run dry any day. How will Two Oceans Marathon provide aid to runners? And closer to home, we’ve had little rain this year and are looking at drought conditions for summer. How will California RD’s adapt to using significantly less water and ice at trail and ultramarathon events?

Definition of a bad wager: Betting against Speedgoat Karl in a hundred miler.

Doubling female’s lottery entries? In short, nope. Bad idea.

Andrew Wheating’s hilarious retirement video. He and Mocko need to team up for a video series. Can someone make that happen please?

Nolan’s 14 is hard enough. Andrew Hamilton just upped the ante with his recent Snolan’s adventure.


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