Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Jan 17

Jasmin Paris wins The Spine Race in the UK, setting an overall record. Ian’s got all the info this way. And now suddenly, all I want in this world is for she and Courtney to line up at the same 200 miler.

Here’s her interview on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Help me with this: This hiker crosses Death Valley on foot, becoming only the second person to do so hiking the 166 miles in less than seven days. Has no runner done this before? There’s no claim on FKT about it but I’ve gotta believe someone has beat that time.

I released the new episode with Brittany Peterson to the Patreon crowd yesterday afternoon and will publish it to URP next week. Big thanks again to those supporters! If you’d like to support URP, please consider joining right here. Thank You.

I’m warning you: Do not click this link if you’re eating, drinking, or squeamish. Don’t do it. Otherwise, have at: Blister lancing after an ultramarathon.

Catching up with Frosty. I can’t say enough what an impact she’s had on my daughter Sunny. Anna really gets it and uses her influence for the good.

More on kids and trying to reverse the mass migration indoors.

Much was said about SI’s “Best Athlete” issue last week. Here’s another take on what constitutes the fittest person on earth. I agree with him in that I’d rather be really good at one discipline than pretty good at a few.

Wait, what’s this? A 190k (116M) race in New Zealand with some of the world’s best endurance athletes and a 60 hour cutoff? Is it OCR? And what does the writer mean that “no one knows where they’re going”? Sounds interesting, but any more info on this? Maybe an event name?

Hong Kong 100k starts Sat/Fri and has a pretty solid entrants list. Here’s Bryon’s breakdown.

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