Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, July 26

Frustrated with the Hardrock lottery system, Sarah signs up for the arguably more challenging Ouray 100 this weekend. Here’s the background of the race and everything you need to know if you want to run a high alpine 100 miler in the San Juans.

URP Gear Guy Ben has been at OR this week and is putting together a collection of thoughts and pictures on industry trends you’ll be seeing in the near future. Below are a few teasers of what’s to come.

ultramarathon gear
First female-specific pack from Salomon.

Your training varies day to day and week to week. Do other aspects of your life? Consider.

More about Nao Kazami, the Japanese runner who set the 100k record last month at Lake Saroma. Neat story about dealing with set backs and eventually realizing his dream. And check out that last paragraph. Imagine being in a med tent for 90 minutes during a marathon and still finishing in under four hours.

Any lawyers want to weigh in on this? HS kid gets heatstroke during XC practice and family sues the school.

The Hoka One One F’19 and S’19 collection. I left the pic in HD so you can zoom in.

We last chatted with Michele Graglia two years ago, right after he’d run the Yukon Arctic Ultra, then blew up at Badwater and ran back to the start. Yesterday, amid a field of past winners and scorching heat, he crossed the finish line in first place. Big congrats Mickey!

I published another Daily News Briefing podcast on Tuesday afternoon where I went into a bit more depth with my thoughts on the Hardrock decision, Vermont 100’s podium parity, Koop’s and Roche’s articles, and I explain a pretty serious physical struggle I’m dealing with and how it’ll affect my running for the rest of my life.
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You heard Sarah talk about the Orange Mud Adventure Pack 12L on this episode, now check out her comprehensive review. 

ultramarathon trail shoes at OR
New innovations (including a maxi shoe) from TOPO Athletics.

Vol State 500k ultramarathon is crazy enough…Canadian runner Rhonda-Marie Parke is a blind/VI runner from Canada and she did without a guide. Not mentioned: She used the Run Go app that gives turn-by-turn directions for roads and trails. Very cool technology!

We may not always be happy with all the calls in our sport, but at least we don’t have guys like this to deal with. In the past year and a half, Moscon has been busted for racial abuse, drugs, and this week, he punched a fellow rider in the head during a TDF stage.

nike ultramarathon trail shoes
As much as I dislike Nike, those are some damn good looking trail shoes.

Wouldn’t it be weird if there was a basketball court above the Supreme Court where the Justices and clerks (often in idealogical sparring matches down stairs) played hoops to blow off steam? Well, it’s a reality. No mention of potential point guard RBG.

Ten year old kid from California runs a 4:53 mile barefoot.

How is our community handling Amazon’s encroachment into the outdoor space? Sometimes it’s good for innovation, but bad for your local retailers. Outdoor analyses the situation. What do you think?

Stay tuned for a new interview today with the UP’s Neal Collick. He’s heading back to Minnesota Voyageur 50M this weekend to defend his title. We’ve all got stories about how we got here, but most don’t include the Marines, jail, and a motorcycle gang. Stay tuned.

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