Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, June 1

Here’s the latest Mountain Outhouse from JamJam. Western States, TNFEC, drug testing, Jim’s corner, ultra marathon RIPs, and more. Excellent work as always.

What happens when ultra marathoner and past URP guest-slash-doc-studying-endurance-sports-and-heart-disease Jason Friedman gets his own fitness tested? An interesting perspective into the whole process.

Mocko bags Everest!
–Are Everest ascents too easy to forge?

Did you check out our latest interview with 2:11 marathoner Nick Arciniaga. Say what you want about the North Face course in November, but Nick’s running it and plans on winning his first ever trail ultra. Yeah, I’ll be watching.

ultramarathonThat interview was sponsored by Ruhn Seamless Technology. Compression shorts without seams are a good thing, right? Check them out here.

More info on Kilian’s Everest run. Call me skeptical, but he didn’t take ANY non-Salomon gear?

Utah Search and Rescue now offers a card to help offset costs.  Maybe if you use it a certain number of times in a year, you’re asked to stay away from the trails for while?

rabbit is moving ahead with the mens version of the “ultra women” shirt. Scott Dunlap has a homemade version that’s pretty awesome. Can’t wait to wear mine! (Again, NFI in rabbit, I just like the shirt.)

Check out this interview with Stephanie Case. If you heard our interview with her from earlier this year (UN attorney training in Gaza who fell down a mountain in the Alps ring a bell?) and want to learn more, check it out. Stephanie will be joining me at the announcing table for Broken Arrow in a few weeks.  I’ll be wearing my lederhosen, I wonder if she’s got a dirndl?

A short ode to Bruce Fordyce.  Every year I pose the question “Who could beat Fordyce’s 50 mile WR of 4:50?”  Anyone this year? Nick wants to go after Cox’s 50k record, we’ll see if he’s got the stamina for another 19 miles. Who else could do 5:48 pace for 50 miles?

Jill runs some beautiful trails with friends and writes about being “non-athletic” as a youth. I’d be curious to know how top runners in our sport fared in those tests. 

An RD’s report from the Rockin K Ultramarathon in Kansas. He mentions that he had to DQ a few people for running the wrong course and missing key check points. Fair enough, but I hadn’t heard about DQing someone for running longer than the prescribed course. I totally understand it, but has just never heard of it happening.

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