Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, June 15

Would you pay for “professional” crew at your next ultramarathon? Here’s a new company where you can pay for crew/race consulting and crew services. Meh. What do you think?

These 28 lessons from great artists, writers, and creators could easily be used to become a better endurance athlete.  They’re just a longer version of these 6 tips from Brad Stulberg.

Lessons learned at a first ultramarathon.

Britain’s best rail-to-trail running, hiking, and cycling paths.

We all love the wilderness and appreciate the “awe factor” of nature. Ever wondered why?

I’m all for combining sports and beer, but even I draw the line at drunken axe throwing.

The men’s division of the Mt Washington Road Race should be awesome this year. Joe Gray, Sage Canaday, an Olympic XC skier, and a Kenyan all duking out for 7.5 miles uphill.

Latest Mountain Outhouse: Western States, #tuckandstride, Dipsea, and Jenn Shelton talks about swimming.

Should you eat differently when you’re injured? Yeah, the article is on a diet site, but the author is Matt Fitzgerald so check it out.

Interesting article in the NYT about the proposal to wipe away all T&F records from before 2005 due to widespread doping. The piece is written around the women’s 800m record and it’s murky history during communist Russia.  Good read, check it out.

Western States question: Burroslocos brought up this question in the comments section yesterday and I didn’t have an answer: “When a Golden ticket holder drops from race prior to the start should the Golden ticket fall to a third or even fourth place finisher of the same race as if they refused the ticket on race day or should it go to the general lottery waitlist. This year two Golden ticket runners have dropped.”  Anyone have an answer or opinion? Ian? Craig? Mark?

Pace chart tutorial part two: Establish an expected finish time.

Performance advice from Jim Walmsley. Bouncing, shuffling, pizza, beer, and rest.

I’ve expressed interest in Swimrun events numerous times. Swimming in open water, then running some awesome trails looks like a great activity, but when the format is pool swimming and road running, it seems like a triathlon for people who can’t afford bikes.

Bored with your run routine? This guy has some cool ideas for mixing up your next adventure.

Weather forecast shows six straight days of triple digits in Sacramento, and today is the last day of school. Crap. My Camelbak will come in handy next week for sure.

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