Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, June 4

Friends, I’m taking a full break from social media for awhile, so these Daily News updates may be a bit short. If you’ve got a story I should hear about, please shoot it my way. Thank you.

As of now, Speedgoat is on for July! I’m currently in negotiations with my wife to let me sign up. Wish me luck.

Coree Woltering is off on his Ice Age Trail FKT attempt. Any idea how he’s doing? Go Coree Go!
Speaking of the Ice Age Trail (1200 miles in Wisconsin), we chatted with overall FKT holder Annie Weiss in 2018 about her run. Click here for that interview and be sure to read her husband/crew’s blog about the day to day life of tracking and following Annie. (It’s linked in the show notes.) Fascinating stuff.

 I asked Cara if I could go in and see him and walked in alone – his eyes were still closed. I said, “DeWayne, it’s me, Dink, I am here.” His eyes opened immediately. He said, “Man, I’m glad you’re here. This stuff is kicking my butt. I feel like I am at the 70-mile marker of a 100-miler. We talked for a little while about running and Mountain Mist. Before I left, I just held his hand briefly and told him that I loved him. He said, “I love you brother, you don’t know how much it means to me that you are here.”

OOf. Have some tissues ready for this one. Dink Taylor writes about Mountain Mist and his friend, the late DeWayne Satterfield.

Run Spirited: Henry chats with Scott Waldrop, a runner from NC who’s lived a life full of drugs, music, food, and booze. He dropped it all a few years ago and has been loving his new life in the ultramarathon trail scene. Cool guy!

Tokenism is not real representation in the outdoor industry.

iRunFar/Howard: Darcy Piceu is a phenomenally tough runner who’s won Hardrock three times and isn’t slowing down. She continues to follow her heart and push her body and at 45, is still a major threat at starting lines.

“People think my story is very sad,” he says. “But I always think about what would have happened to me if I had stayed in Somalia. I saw the life there, so I always appreciate when I can be safe and do my thing. I don’t have to worry, I have freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of thinking.

–I linked to the podcast earlier this week, but here’s a post about Somalian/Dutch runner Abdi Nageeye that details his extraordinary life and highlights his unique perspective.

With nearly every major fall marathon cancelled, NYC (Nov 1) and CIM (Dec 6) are about all that’s left at this point. I’m focusing on CIM because it’s both in my hometown and I’m signed up for it this year as a runner. I’ve found some indicators that organizers are working really hard to make it happen this year. Two things I’ve noticed:

  • Relay teams (past two runner) are not being accepted. Generally, this is a big segment of the event, with corporate teams signing up well in advance. They haven’t made a big announcement, but those teams–that I’ve gotta believe carry a lot of the race financially–aren’t being accepted. The relay corrals are hundreds of people deep, all crammed together waiting for their runners and I can’t imagine trying to keep a soupçon of physical distance between any of them.
  • Also, I’ve heard from a source that organizers are considering a wave start, and in this instance, it makes total sense. For those who haven’t run CIM (California Int’l Marathon), it’s a point to point from Folsom to the Capitol in Sacramento. Runners board one of dozens of busses at the finish line, we’re driven to the start line, all dropped off together, then the gun blows and we race back to Sacramento. Apparently they’re considering having wave starts as each bus shows up. Makes total sense and would be an effective way to spread out the field.
    I only hope they allow the elite men and women to race head to head.

AlSal and Doc Brown will appeal their anti-doping sentences in November.

Sixty four marathons in 64 days, many done on a treadmill while under quarantine in Italy. She’s going for the women’s record.

Stay tuned for a new gear review from our new reviewer Lydia Gaylord. While Ben will continue to cover men’s gear, shoes, and tech, Lydia will writing and chatting about gear and shoes that are focused on women. Looking forward to it!

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