Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, June 7

Excellent stuff: Though not targeted towards the ultramarathon athlete, Coach/Brother Colm offers up the advice he’s used to coach the GOAT David Rudisha.

Some cyclists are jerks. Don’t be a jerk.

Do you abstain from caffeine before a race? I do.  Here’s a new story in RW about the science behind it with some interesting findings. Two main points though: I would’ve liked to see the athletes abstain for more than 24 hours…Most people I know take a week off or so and I’m not sure one day is sufficient. Also, check out the performance enhancements for some people due to caffeine. #cleansport, right?

Some call him the “poo jogger”, others a “serial defecator”, but all is safe now, Australia.

Eating disorders among runners is a common problem. Here are some stories featuring runners you may know.

Ian Sharman and Mike Wardian, the ball’s in your court now.

The LetsRun MENSA team discusses Zach Miller’s awesome finish at TNF 2016.

You’re really going to like the interview with Kate Elliot. I’ll release it later today.

Incredible comeback from a (high school female?) steeplechaser. Best. Event. Ever.

Wow! Definitely check out this writeup on Ginny LaForme and her incredible life of adventures, both on and off the trail (but usually on.)

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