Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, March 1

NatGeo’s Adventurers of the Year includes trail runner and ultramarathon phenom Mira Rai.

Brewery-sponsored running clubs in England. 

Methods: Data from 494,414 runners (124,045 women and 370,369 men) who finished a 50-km ultramarathon between 1975 to 2016 were analyzed.
Results: When the top ten finishers in 1-year age-groups were analyzed, the age of peak running speed was 41 years in both women and men.

–A bit of a tradeoff, I suppose. Your eyesight goes to s*it, but you’re ready to PR in a 50k!

Sorry for the late news today: My early morning run didn’t go as planned, so I took another stab at it in the pouring rain. Much better!


Five treadmill workouts recommended by coaches. Yesterday I tried to close my eyes and keep an even pace on my treadmill and the results were disastrous. What’s the dumbest idea you’ve come up with while on the hamster wheel?

Be sure to check out our latest interview with writer Adharanand Finn. We talk about the Japanese Ekiden culture and whether we’ll be seeing any Kenyan elites line up at western ultras any time soon.

The 2018 Olympic Games are over. Time to get negative.

Celebrating the achievements of African American runners, with a well-deserved paragraph dedicated to OG ultramarathon pioneer Ted Corbitt.

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