Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, March 8

NatGeo names “body positive” ultramarathon runner for Adventurer of the Year. I wish we’d focus more on “health positive” and encourage healthy eating habits and fitness. Good for her for being out there, but “Adventurer of the Year” is a bit of a stretch, no?

Why runners need strong arms.

Ryan Ghelfi in final mile of Way Too Cool 50k ultramarathon


Ryan Ghelfi’s report from Way Too Cool. Pay special attention to the mental lessons he learned and how he’ll change his mindset for his next race.

That mindset sounds familiar to what Ladia Albertson Junkans discusses in this new URP episode. She sees someone else (in this case, Kaytlyn Gerbin) doing something extraordinary, and it gives her the strength and assurance that she can do that, too.

The rabbit hutch showed up to Way Too Cool as well. Here’s M10 Adam Kimble’s report from a strong performance.

Excellent essay by Morgan Williams in iRunFar about the process of moving on in life after a serious injury sidelines your ultramarathon career. Not better or worse, just different.

ultramarathonThe recent episode was sponsored by Splats! Sunscreen. Jump on over to their kickstarter page and you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner: Single-use size sunscreen for outdoor enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to getting my box!

Best National Parks for trail running.

Something different: A 50k trail ultramarathon in a shaker village in Pennsylvania.

Andrew Skurka interviews one of the anonymous Instagram handles trolling him.

Australia is getting her first 6day ultramarathon in more than a decade. Who’s in?

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