Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday March 9

Ultrarunning Mag: What’s up in ultramarathon and trail racing this weekend? MUC in Marin, Antelope Canyon in AZ…what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Take two minutes and watch Sara Alonso (ESP) descend a wet and rocky trail at Transgrancanaria. That’s the type of terrain that’s unrunnable for me. I’d have no teeth left at the bottom!
Great running and holy cow, more incredible footage from Biel Rafols.

Barkley Updates: Jasmin Paris becomes the first woman since Bev Abbs (in 2012) to complete the three loop Fun Run. Looks like Greig Hamilton (NZ) is the final runner on the course but failed to finish. My favorite quote of the last few days is below. Many, many thanks to Keith Dunn for his incredible coverage of the race.

iRunFar/BP: Timely essay by Bryon about how he’s “meeting himself where he is” in terms of fitness and fun. Great read.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: How self-talk may influence long term adaptation and increase performance. Makes sense to me. 

Duuude: Is there some sort of “two strikes you’re out” law that SAR can use for this guy? I admire his persistence and all but come on.

Skurka: Fifty eight recommended snacks and lunches (with nutritional content) for backpacking and trail running.

Maxim: One of my favorite rock bands of all time is releasing a…beer? 

Personal: I’m on the hunt for a pair of New Balance MT101s (circa 2010), preferably NIB and a mens 12. Anyone have any leads? Thanks! 

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