Ultramarathon Daily News, Thursday, May 11

Jim, Kaci, Gary, and Tim: The Art of the Ultramarathon Taper.

Great write up on Ryan Kaiser in Ultrarunning Mag.  Yeah, he’s super fast, but it sounds like he’s really got the time management thing down too.

Thousands of people ran the Wings For Life run last weekend and some raced it.  Jeff raced it, and here’s his report.

Awesome: Last year I reported that Christoph Teuscher had attempted (and completed) an FKT on the 750 mile Oregon Desert Trail.  He’s released a video series of each day that shows diet, recovery, trail footage, and commentary.  Very well done and addicting!


With French VK champ Christel Dewalle‘s latest doping conviction (above), that’s two Scott athletes (Elisa Desco) who’ve been busted in the past two years.  

Awesome. Google Trekker now has entire Hardrock course mapped and available for viewing.  Welp, there go a few hours of my day.

My PT had me do the Turkish Get-up for the first time this week. It was not nearly as much fun as it sounded at the time.  Here’s why he’s having me do it and what he was looking for.

NOT the Turkish Get-up

Food for thought: What Breaking2 can teach us about cross country.

What would happen if another big storm came though the Sierra, felled trees, and wreaked havoc on the Western States course? Without the trail crew, the iconic race would have to be rerouted or altered drastically.  Please consider signing up to help maintain the trail and give back to the community.  These dates remain: May 20 and 21 and June 16 and 17th for the Robinson Flat campout (bring your banjos.)  Sign up here.

Beer news: If InBev can’t join the other cool kids at the craft beer table, they’ll just buy up all the hops so no one else can play.

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