Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Nov 1

North Face Endurance Championship is coming up. Here’s the elite entrants list. Who’ll be on the podium?

Sad: Wanna guess what percentage of 9-10 year olds plays hard for 60 minutes each day? Depressing. Put the screens down and get the kids outside.

Do you stretch before your run? You probably/might be doing it wrong/right. Confused?

You’ve got 109 mile pathway popular with runners, walkers, and hikers and you want to throw a big event to celebrate its anniversary. So you host a 50 mile ultramarathon? No 100 miler? 

The LetsRun MENSA team discusses whether “ultrarunners are not slow anymore” and who the ultramarathon GOAT could be. It seems to be somewhere between Yiannis, Bekele (?), and Dean Karnazes.

Did you get our latest interview with Courtney Dauwalter? In it, Sarah and I chat with her about the details of Big’s, her plans for future races, the partnership with her husband Kevin, and her fine tuned opinions on Halloween candy.

ultramarathon Muir Energy

That episode was sponsored by Muir Energy: Real, portable food with pronounceable ingredients and unique flavors. Use ULTRAPOD at checkout for a healthy 20% discount.

Are you “not competitive” because you’re deeply afraid of failure? I’d guess that a lot of people feel this way and further that more women feel this way than men. What do you think? Fair assumption?

NAZ Elite’s unique approach to training with an open playbook.

I’d love to see single ear headphones with this battery life or better yet, an Aftershokz-type system that keeps both ears open.

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