Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Nov 29

Top Hungaran ultramarathon runner Viktoria Makai attacked and sexually assaulted on a training run. Instead of hiding from public, she took pictures and is on a campaign to stop this from happening again. Powerful images and message.

Looking for a great gift for yourself or someone? The Roche’s book The Happy Runner is available today on Amazon (affiliate link) right here. There’s an excerpt right here as well. I’ve had an advance copy for awhile and have been reading it in sections. What stands out to me is the book has kept David and Megan’s voice intact. Well done and highly recommended.

CIM preview has Anthony Costales gunning for the victory. Quite a few other ultra regulars in there.

Pretty great report in IRF about Bogie’s Dumitrescu’s Hardrock finish with one second to spare.  (Those kitty litter panniers are legit, by the way.)

Have a beer and help the Camp Fire victims. Cheers.

Did you hear our latest episode with Alabama nuclear engineer Liz Canty? She’s been running for only three years (not running ultras, running), and in that time, she’s podiums at 35/38 races. Big dream? A finish at Barkley. 

Big kudos to Salomon for investing in youth trail running. Max and Courtney are leading a group of teens in Hong Kong making a very big impact on their lives. Long term investments pay off well!

This is an issue we’ll be dealing with in Sacramento and other cities will face soon: Whether or not to ban dockless scooters and bikes on (paved) trails. It’s a tough balance when I support JUMP, Bird, and Lime, but don’t want inexperienced asshats buzzing by me on a trail meant for pedestrians and traditional bikes.

Spartan trail races? My initial response to seeing this was not good, but we’ll have to wait and see. Luis and Charlie, keep it real boys.

Five of the best trail runs in Yosemite

It is kind of strange, isn’t it? So many pro runners with coffee roasting businesses? Only one I’ve tried is Speedgoat Karls, which I don’t see for sale anymore. (Nice site update by the way.) UPDATE: Karl’s Speedgoat blend is still for sale here.


Ad: Interested in checking out the claims and benefits of CBD oils and how then can help with inflammation and recovery? I’ve tried a lot of manufacturers and decided to partner with Alpha Therapeutics based on their testing and their non-stoner attitude towards the industry. Use “URP” at checkout for a whopping 30% discount.

Catch up on the trail running lingo of South Africa.

Interesting data from Strava: Overall, men prefer cycling and women choose to run for their workouts. For both genders, the half marathon is most popular, followed by full marathon, then 10k.

Speaking of half marathons, 258 runners DQed in a race in China for bib swapping and cutting the course. What the hell?

A new day, and another new podcast debuts.

UTMB Oman starts this week. I’ve got a friend from Orange County running, then Meghan Hicks, Jason Schlarb, and Meredith Edwards are also in. We’ll catch up with Schlarb when he gets back to the States.

I appreciate it when Northern Californians travel to Los Angeles with an open mind, find the gems, go on some runs, and come back happy.  Gabi did just that and wrote a post for foodie runners that you might want to bookmark.

Three strength exercise important for all trail runners.

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