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This has always been one of my complaints with OCR racing: Spectators and family members having to pay a fee to watch the race go down. What will be the first trail or ultramarathon to charge a spectator fee, and how will it be addressed by the MUT community?

Kris Brown
Kris Brown on Hope Pass

Did you catch our latest interview with Kris Brown? He’s had a heckuva last 18 months and attributes much of his success to one aspect of training in particular. We also talk about the trail scene, how to not take racing seriously, and the fine words of encouragement he got from Paddy O’Leary.

The Pixie Ninja has been hobbled temporarily, but it looks like she’s using the time to work on other parts of her body and life. Heal up, Kaci! We want to see you back strong!

Five pretty awesome treks/trail runs in the Himalayas. While there last year, I was surprised how accessible the trail systems were and how decent the weather was for us. Love to go back and take down some of these trails.

Click here to see ITRA’s EOY rankings for international trail runners. Can you guess the top three men and women?

Kris BrownHave you looked at the ingredient list for your gels? Now look at Muir Energy‘s. Real foods, all organic, non-GMO, paleo, gluten free….and they taste great.  Use ULTRA15 for a discount at checkout. #FuelYourAdventure

Salomon announces a new trail racing series. I don’t have much interest in these…They seem to me like a project launched by branding professionals who don’t understand the sport all that well. Anyone else?

This weekend: Courtney Dauwalter and Katy Nagy are both running in the Soochow 24 Hour race in Taiwan (can’t find a link that works…anyone?) These two women are tough and should put on an amazing show. Katy Nagy has the WR for the 24hr road and posts a 150 mile PR on the track. Courtney holds the AR for the track with 155 miles, set earlier this year. Plenty of international competition will be there too.

Yes! This happens to me too! Anyone else get overly sentimental and emotional on runs?

Hitting specific weights may not be something we have to deal with in the ultra/trail world, but it’s certainly interesting to read about athletes who manage their weight methodically. Here’s a great example.

Interviewing Eric Senseman today.  We’ll talk training, writing, and his recent win at JFK50.


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