Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Nov 8

Hey struggling runner, read this.

Padded sports bras are apparently a very contentious thing.

Can you run while pregnant? Hell yes.

Whoo. A totally self supported (including carrying his kayak) crossing of Tasmania.

I knew I was in good shape after my last track workout: 400m×15, recovering 1 min, all done in 60-61 seconds. I was also doing fartlek, 30x 1′-1′, that’s 30 times 1 min fast followed by 1 min not so fast, at an average of 3:15 per km, at an altitude over 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). I was really feeling comfortable.

So that’s what it takes to run a 58min half. And he’s still focusing on next year’s marathon and xc season.

Music parody with an ultramarathon twist.

This piece in TrailSisters is important…you’re allowed to be a runner who doesn’t enter a lot races! I’ll admit…my first instinct when doing background on someone is to look at their ultrasignup, but that’s not a full picture. Either is Strava. Plenty–if not most–runners just enjoy being outdoors and hitting the singletrack without any organization or direction.

We all want some kind of doping controls, but no one wants anyone else to be pulled out of a gala to piss in a cup in front of some weird inspectors. 

Scott targets real adventurous women in new ad campaign.

I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that I’d seen a guy propose to a woman and she’d said no. It was awful. I still don’t get public proposals, even at running events.

I ordered one of these Yuki shirts yesterday. Free shipping to US. (NFI)

I totally respect this guy’s intent to swim from Japan to California, bringing light and attention the “garbage patch” in the Pacific, but I don’t know, still seems like a bad idea. And a shark repelling bracelet?

Well done Dad. Is someone cutting onions in here?

Pop science: Gym-obsessed men are depression prone.

Who are the best mountain runners in the world? I only recognize four of the names…you?

Good essay by Joe Grant about appreciating each and every time we’re out running. Those of us with kids have likely heard “this is the best day of my life!” as often as we’ve heard “this is the worst day of my life!” and we know that the relative contrast of those feelings softens over time.

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