Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday November 9

Excellent post by Amelia Boone about rewriting the script and adapting to your situation. No OCR racing? Stick to ultramarathons on the trails. 

Joanie on Shalane.

Be sure to check out Billy Yang’s new podcast. Sounds like it’ll be a mix of runners, inspirational folks, creatives, and other characters with interesting stories.

Not a celiac, but “gluten sensitive”? Yeah, read this.

NYT covers the Canyon de Chelly ultra marathon in Navajo Country.

Popular Science answers the important questions: Why is it so common for runners to have runny poo?

Accepting injury as a runner: How to get past it and come out on top.

Short news day today. I’ve got two pods in the can (“Couples 100” and Chris Mocko) and am interviewing Larisa Dannis in a few hours. Lots of sitting at a desk working on GarageBand interspersed with crazy kids and hopefully getting out for 10 miles.

Jamil and Schuyler take on the “Pumpkin Spice Latte Mile” challenge after Javelina.  Let’s get serious gentlemen: Add some eggnog and you’d have a real competition.

Did you catch Ben’s new review of the Raidlight Responsive race vest? If you’re looking for creative pole storage, this might be a good match for you.

A few months ago we interviewed  Jess Mullen about her success at hundreds and methodical training regimen. She got her entry to The Big Dance thru The Active Joe (a WS sponsor), and now you’ve got yourself a chance to win an entry for the 2018 race.

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