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If you read one thing today, read this piece by Brad Stulberg about accepting your reality and working to be good rather obsessing on great.

Take six minutes and watch this awesome film/ad that shows Rory, Fernanda, and Martina all frolicking in the Alps. First few minutes has some ridge running that should test your butt muscles, too.

Interviewing Ellie (Hacker) Fox this morning about staying positive and fun on the trails, van life, coaching, and more. Stay tuned.

Seven tips for self-supported ultramarathon events.

I shared this on Twitter a few days ago (with permission, yes) in hopes of opening up a dialogue and discussion about the importance of having a supportive spouse/partner/family and good communication. It was in response to a guest request I sent awhile ago and I’m guessing many of us can relate to his predicament. 

Hi Eric,

Nice to hear from you! I’m really sorry but I don’t feel comfortable about the interview since my wife is still upset about me going to XXX. We are still talking over about how we can communicate better.

She thought that I shouldn’t have even left to attend XXX, but I didn’t get a clear message from her before and during the event. 
I’m afraid the interview is going to rehash the negative feelings and upset my wife even more since she’s still not over what happened. And I definitely don’t want to live through that again!


Scott Dunlap writes a great essay many of us can relate to: Alone on the trails, appreciating our condition, and being at one with our surroundings.

Transgendered woman wins cycling event and fans and competitors are left with mixed feelings, as am I. It’s OK to be LGBTQ friendly, but also believe that we need as-close-to level playing fields as we can get and that this is too far. Where and how should trans athletes compete? I don’t have an answer for that but wish I did.  How should the athletics world accommodate those with genetic issues that are a lot more nuanced and individual than “does (s)he have a penis?” I don’t know that either but have heard well reasoned and respectful arguments on each side. But in an attempt to be more woke than the next person, cis-gender female athletes are not being given the chance to compete on level playing fields, and that’s not good or OK for anyone.  

Sarah reviews a lot of shoes and is absolutely in love with the Topo UltraFly2.

I’m conflicted on this article and idea and would love to know what you all think. It sounds like Cross Country will be featured at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris–100 years after it last appeared in the Games–but will be “updated” to accommodate younger audiences. These updates make it sound like MTV producers are in charge: Extreme mud pits! Extreme challenge sections! Extreme areas where athletes run through sections of screaming fans. While I appreciate that someone in athletics is working to bring some new life to the sport–and that’s important–to then turn around and say that xc is “going back to its roots” seems a bit bizarre. So what do you think of the updates? Keep the sport old school, or attract new audiences by essentially mixing it with OCR?

Trail runner gets called out for poor sportsmanship being a bi*ch.

Dude goes on a beer run and runs out of the store carrying five cases, jumps in his truck, and peels off. Fail: Beer was Bud Light.

Sunny and I headed up to Auburn last night to check out James Varner’ Trail Running Film Festival. Excellent films this year, when plenty of humor and light points too. During the Kalalau film, we watched as the two runners traversed muddy and extremely technical trails in Hawai’i and Sunny elbowed me and whispered “those are my types of trails.” She’ll have to run those on her own. Check the calendar and go with your kids!

What shoes did athletes wear at Kona? Looks like HOKA reigned supreme, but with Nike making a huge jump from 2017. I’m assuming triathletes are wearing the VaporFly 4%?

I’m not a fan of the snow, but I’m a huge fan when it comes to snow shoe racing. Here’s all you need to know.

And be sure to finish up with this great article by Steve Magness about the different ways and methods we self-limit our own performances. From self doubt to avoiding feedback, it’s worth a read and some self reflection.

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