Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Oct 25

Awesome! Hoka re-releases the Clifton, sans any “updates.” Yep, I’ll be grabbing a pair. Yo Brooks, didya see this?

Interesting: How “marathon managers’ (managers who run marathons or ultramarathons) use their athletic and training discipline to better their workplace, effectiveness, and leadership.

Ultrarunning Magazine has made some big (positive) changes over the past few years. Now with veteran runner and contributor Amy Smith as the new Editor, the mag is turning the page to a new chapter.

What can we learn from Wonder, the blind trail running dog? A lot.

Speaking of learning from blind athletes, on Tuesday, Richard Hunter visited the kids xc/track/trail team I coach and taught the runners about overcoming obstacles and diversity. Sixth grader Kaytlyn even earned herself a coveted GUIDE bib.

And hey, check it out. Kyle gets some love from ATRA.

Some reports are long and drawn out with every detail. Then some are over right after they start. D’oh! Sounds like David and Ghelfi learned a lesson about how to pack for the Alps.

Wanna read me ramble on in an interview? Henry and I chatted about the current and future state of ultramarathon and trail running. Who’ll set the FKT for finding something objectionable?

–Japanese runner falls during marathon relay, fractures her leg, and crawls to the transition area to hand off her baton and immediately apologizes to coach for her poor performance. My first instinct was “oof, that’s a lot of pressure for that young woman” but at the same time, that team mindset is part of Japanese culture and whether or not she continues to run, she’s got the mindset of a champion

Hutch: Want to run faster? Start here.

Goals are a direction of travel but not a destination. It’s when you confuse the direction with the destination that you f*ck yourself over. Some would say that I have the mentality of a loser, but ever since I dropped most of my goals, my life has improved.

The Angry Jogger discusses the finer points of setting goals.

I released a new Daily News Briefing podcast yesterday for the Patreon supporters. We talked about racing at the end of an ultramarathon, Big’s, DNFing at Javelina, and why Gary Robbins’ integrity is something we should all aspire to.

Are we really shredding our stomachs to bits when we run an ultramarathon? If so, here are some tips to mitigate the damage.

Pop science: No such thing as too much exercise.

DOJ indicts Russians for conspiring to hack our elections drug testing agencies.

Bryon checks out most of the trail shoes we’ll be seeing in 2019. Though not for trail, I’ve been wearing the Altra Kayenta this week and liking them. Definitely an interesting shoe (flat, wide, light for road.)

Looking for a flat, beautiful, social, and inexpensive hundred miler? Ghost Train 100 sounds like a pretty good choice. Here’s our interview with Patrick Caron after he dropped a 13:50 last year.

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