Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Sep 19

DumbRunner: NATHAN launches line of formal hydration vests.

Trailrunner Mag/Sarah Lavender Smith: Does this buckle spark joy? Revisiting some trophies and determining their real worth. I’ve got some random trophies lying around (a shellaked pear from the Pear Fair trail race, a prayer shawl from a race in India, a still unused REI gift card), but no sign of any buckles.

Ultrarunning Mag: This new road shoe from TOPO looks pretty sweet. Anyone else tried it? Ben’s got 30 pairs of shoes he’s trying right now and I’m not sure if these are in his quiver.

I don’t know where this was shot, but it really makes me want to hit the trails right now. Jukka, is this Finland?

Every middle/highschool xc coach should read this, print it out, and read it every week: A how-to guide to create and foster a healthy and powerful cross country team. From specific workouts to team building, this is the literal handbook of the 2018 Nike National Champions, Summit High School.

AdventureBlog: Cool video with Mike Foote, Mario Mendoza, and Mauricio Carvajal as they meet up on the US/Mex border for a run towards the West. Really well done.

Had a good chat with Mike Carson yesterday about how he trains for hilly races when he lives in flat Phoenix, and we also got into a good discussion about the state of the media and the sport. Mike is a freelance videographer and works with Jamil on Mountain Outhouse News. Stay tuned.

iRunFar/DamianHall: Good piece on Emelie Forsberg on running, training, motherhood, and life with Kilian.

Endurance Sportswire: Redbull has its fingers in a variety of sports, from MTB racing to SUP, skydiving, slacklining, surfing, and more. Each of them have a big event and get some form of media attention. I know they host some cool VK-type races in Europe, but I can’t think of any large-scale events produced stateside. Or did I miss something?

WA Trails Assn: Do you run in the PNW and have wondered about the flaming gold Larche trees? Those are beautiful! Also, pretty sure that pic after the 2nd paragraph is just a Bob Ross painting. Am I right?

Magness: Come get yourself the best performance enhancing drug known to man! It’s all legal!

ABC: Well, dammit, now I’m ugly crying too. Great story about how a family reconnected through running.

“Although the bear didn’t pay him any attention, fortunately the judge did and he threw the book at this shirtless ninja,” said Smith. “Not sure what I can say other than score: bear 1, human 0.”

Lesson: Don’t try to fight Grizzlies in Yellowstone. Wait, this was a Canadian?

BBC: Here’s your reminder to carry a first aid kit with you and to know how to use it. And damn, Aussies are tough people! Here’s another fun interview with a guy (a Kiwi) in Australia that still makes me shake my head.

Swimming: Ultramarathon open water swimming is a different level crazy for me. We complain about a few extra bonus miles, but her 80 mile (4x English Channel) swim turned into 130 miles due to tides. Incredible.

Another answer to the age old question: What would you do if you won the lottery? Stuff like this.

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