Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday Sep 6

An economics blog put out a list of the ten toughest ultramarathons in the world and you know what? It’s a pretty good list.

Add a new 150 mile FKT to Mike Wardian’s resume. Nice work dude!

We really need to get the Fruitarian and the Carnivorian in a buffet line together and see what happens.

Do you read the Raising Rippers column in Outside? Sarah and I are chatting with the writer behind the column today for a podcast.  (The same writer who just won Leadville 100 last month in her first 100–at age 46.)

A 50 miler while thirty six months weeks pregnant? Of course she did. (BTW, great new issue of ultrarunning magazine!)

So what exactly happened to Jim at UTMB?

One of my favorite people in this silly sport talks about her lead up to the 100k championships.

Peek into the gear setup that professional hiker Andrew Skurka took on his High Sierra Route adventure last month.

He tried to go on a casual 15 mile run in Montana and ended up getting mauled by a grizzly twice.

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