Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Sep 7

I’ve become an (ultramarathon) runner and I hate myself for it.

Interesting: How Strava became the only fitness app that matters.

Detailed events that led up to the Disney bib bandit getting arrested at the finish line.


Some travel guide ranked the three most beautiful countries in the world. Scotland was first. Guess the next two.

Stay tuned for a cool project in the next two weeks. A collection of MUT podcasters will simultaneously release episodes titled “How to Make Your Race Day Perfect.” You’ll have a chance to hear multiple perspectives and guests on an important topic. We’re hoping the series will continue with different topics each month.

Excellent lesson in knowing basic outdoor survival and mapping skills.

Seriously? Go the doctor for a blister, F’ed up toenail, or sprained ankle???

How to be mindful when running. Get the negative thoughts out of your head and focus on steps.

The 25 most important American craft beers ever brewed.

Hat tip to Coree Aussem-Woltering for bringing this stuff to my attention. It’s “reflective skin spread” that makes your skin glow in the dark—perfect for night time running. (affiliate link)

Cheserek signs with Skechers.

Seventeen year old Indian girl becomes first female and youngest participant to complete one of the toughest ultra marathons in the world: La Ultra – The High.

Oh Montana, you’re better than this. A little bit of trail too tough?

Marvelous Mimi just started her trans-con this morning. Follow along here.

I released the Clare Gallagher episode to the Patreon crew yesterday and will publish it to this site later this morning. Stay tuned.


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