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Ultramarathon Daily News From Around the World:

The secret to a blister-free ultramarathon? The humble paper tape.

Gary is one hell of an athlete, and an equally incredible guest: Here’s our latest interview with Gary Robbins. We talk about Barkley, the responsibilities of pacing someone to their first hundred miler, Squamish, poutine, and more.  Episode sponsored by the Shadow of the Giants 20/50k near Yosemite.

I’d always thought Kathleen Switzer was the first woman to run Boston Marathon. Nope, meet Bobbi Gibb, a fascinating woman who also ran ultramarathons and led a pretty amazing life.

And from the Holy Crap File: Need serious light for your night runs? 1500 lumens not good enough for ya? Here’s an 8000 lumen waist light that shines brighter than car headlights.  So…tempted….to…..fund….project……….must….resist…….

UK runners help me out: Is this reasonable to ask runners/groups to pay to run in a park?  If this happened here, I’d blow a gasket, but not sure about how “things” work across the pond.

metzger ultramarathon
Dan Metzger coming through Madrone (31 miles) at Lake Sonoma.

USATF Team Invitational results from Lake Sonoma.   While the excitement and attention to the UTI wasn’t as vibrant as I’d hoped, this is how I was hoping team scoring would work.  A few guys sitting around a table the night before the race with no team affiliation. “Hey, let’s put a team together!”  Jim, Tim, Zach, and Matt form “Team Squirrel Nut Butter”, then go on to win the event, beating other more corporate teams. Maybe it’ll be a running store next time, maybe a local club, who knows?

Looks like I’ve got my reading material for the summer: How to train and mentally prepare for a 200 miler. Lots of stuff in here to digest!

You’ve heard about the group runs held out of SFRC.  Here’s one of the most popular Strava segments with details.

Looks like Kilian is heading back to Everest.

Some of these trail dogs have more gear than I do.

Matt Flaherty’s report from Lake Sonoma: Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out.

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