Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Apr 20

Treeline Journal: Canyons 100k is this weekend and it’s gonna be a burner! Chase lays out both the men’s and women’s fields in this comprehensive race preview and he shares his thoughts on who could grab the final Golden Tickets. Remember: It’s a new course this year–it may be tougher than the original with 16k+ feet of vert–and it’s gonna be hot. I’ll be announcing the race live from the booth.
If I *had* to put money down, my bets would look like this (in no particular order): Laney, King, Watson for the fellas and Wang, Yingling, and Trygstad-Saari for the ladies. But WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

Kaytlyn Gerbin is the Geek of the Week! Added to her list of talents should be successful time management.

Rattlesnakes are out in California and grizzlies are chewing on people in Yellowstone. Stay safe out on those trails and respect the environment.

Transgrancanaria champ and Spanish mom Azara Garcia de los Salmones uses her solo training to strengthen her mind for racing. Now she’s eyeing the World Champs in November.

Morning Shakeout: Collegiate T&F, marathons, Des’ 50k, and no Boston this year.

—Wait, what?

iRunFar: Zach Miller’s road back from surgery has him thinking more about his racing strategy.

Take your Strava data and get a different perspective on how far you’ve gone.

I don’t listen to running podcasts, but I’ll check this one out: A chat between Luis Escobar, Max King, and Sebastian Salsbury. We’re considering sending Sunny to Max’s youth camp this year and I want to learn more about it.

Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to make high school XC runners wear masks during a race? Where has all the common sense gone?

Candice Burt was driving home, saw a burning car, and saved a guys life. Ta-da!

Silver State 50–one of the classic 50 milers–is happening next month and you can still register. The field is looking decent, and now with Camille Herron on the list, I’m assuming it’ll get even more competitive.

‘Long Runs Really Give Me Time to Think,’ Says Man Who Spends Most of His Long Runs Thinking About Waffles: Though this headline is a parody, it’s also pretty damn true. I like to think that my long workouts (whether they’re on my feet or SUP) give me time to contemplate life and solve all of the my world’s problems, but those workout are often spent thinking about totally pointless topics like dog names, recipes, and Weird Al lyrics.

It’s 4/20 and I’m sitting here watching my DOGE. Ah, life.

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