Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Apr 21

Sarah laced em up and raced a tough trail half marathon this weekend. Here are her thoughts.

The Sonoma/Boston Double Championship:
Alex Varner: 6:09:39 at Lake Sonoma 50 and 2:28:14 at Boston.
Mike Wardian: 6:56:48 at LS and 2:27:20 at Boston.
Both winners!

How to turn a beer can into a camp stove. The forgot step one: Drink the beer.

Here’s an awesome 35 mile loop around the Columbia River Gorge. ┬áIncredible pics from Brian!

Nothing against Scott, but why’d Time choose him to represent current ultramarathons?

Great post about the mental battle of man vs the Marathon des Sables.

Short news day in the world of ultramarathons. Must be time for a new contest. Stay tuned!

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