Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Apr 23

Oh Crap: What happens when you’re on a trail run and you get lost and you fall into an abandoned mine and your cell phone doesn’t work AND there’s a motherfarking rattlesnake guarding the entrance?

Well & Good: Trail running made her feel like a newbie in a sport she thought she’s already mastered.

RD’s report from the Hellbender 100 miler in NC. And is it me or is the winner going home with a wooden phalus?

Sarah Lavender Smith: Great report from her run at Whiskey Basin 88k, complete with wounded legs, threats of a DNF, and some names you may recognize.

Video: Here’s some really great footage from Lake Sonoma 50 miler. Nice work, Jorna!

TrailRunner Mag: What some races are doing to increase gender equity.

Runner’s World: Catching u p with the GOAT Eliud Kipchoge about his London Marathon preparation.

Mendocino 50k.

TrailPlodder: The Iznik Ultra in Turkey looks like a doozy. Mud, snow, rain and some crazy downhills.

Koop/CTS: Coach Koop breaks down the new IAAF nutrition guidelines and analyses how. they fit into the hodgepodge of ultramarathon dietary needs.

Quench: How is legalized cannabis affecting the beer industry? A lot.

Environment: Six ways runners can help the environment. I’d add this: Stop flying around the world to race if you’re gong to then preach about your greenness. Run more local races!

I think the title of this site explains the new UTMB entry process better than any other.

Canyons 100k: Packet pickup will be from 10am-7pm at Auburn Aid Station with our elite panel (Darcy Piceu, Damian Hall, Kellie Emmerson, etc) from 4:30-6pm. Beer will be served and the shop is offering 10% off all regular priced items. Join us!

Trans/DSD Athletes: Paula Radcliffe weighs in (again) with her thoughts on how these decisions could affect the sport.

I don’t say this lightly. I believe it’s the most difficult issue that sports has ever faced. It’s the most complicated for sure, and the most emotional as well, dealing with the most private and verboten subject: sex. Everyone’s struggling for the best solution, but there’s no easy answer in sight.

–And Amby Burfoot writes about the difficulty of the situation in this piece on LetsRun.

O, Canada!: This year may be your year to join the Canadian Mountain Running Team.

Run Spirited: Henry chats with Bethan Patterson about how Horty influenced her trail running and how she balances kids, work, and training. Very, very relatable!

Mario Fraioli: Sustainablity in the sport (physically, mentally, and economically), Kenyans looking at more ultramarathons, the return of Laney, and a new podcast.

Laney/IRF: Speaking of Dave, he writes a how-to for night running in this piece for iRunFar.

Data: An analysis by The Guardian shows that 40-something marathon runners are on average faster than their 20-something counterparts. Anyone know where to find the raw data?

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