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Trail and Ultramarathon Running in the Post-Krupicka Climate.  Thoughts on this essay?

I never understood the Newton model (or the shoe’s popularity), but despite having a tough few years, the Boulder shoe company is vowing to return to its roots.

Want to live vicariously through a full-time adventurer’s social media postings? Here’s a good place to start.

Fun and fast race report from Adam Hewey’s Diaz Vista 50k.  Here’s our interview with Adam from 2014.

This guy goes off the deep end as he writes code that will predict which member of the Ultra Running Community message board wrote each post.  Not being a tech guy, I lost attention half way through.  Anyone fill me in on the outcome?

Running up a mountain makes it feel smaller.  Totally agree.

How to crew a trail ultra like a pro.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: I couldn’t agree more with his assessment of the Lananna/Siegel saga at USATF.  Most people expected Lananna to bring some needed scrutiny to the Federation when he was elected last year, but this recent statement has him facing the other way with fingers in his ears.

Alright, just find a local trail race for each of these places, and I’m ready for an epic road trip.

Science: Beer and peanuts advised for post-marathon nutrition/recovery.

Ben checks out the new Naked Running Band college rock band waist pack right here and gives it two huge and enthusiastic thumbs up, but warns of some serious quality issues in this first version.

The Angry Jogger is on a roll right now!  Here he writes about the indignities of being a runner in the modern world.

Who’ll be up at The Canyons this weekend? I’m camping Friday night at the start/finish, brining some beer and lawn darts and getting ready for a full day of ultra-announcing for the big race. Who else is camping?

You following me on Instagram?  It’s a new medium to me and I can’t figure out the right work/family balance. There’s your warning.

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