Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Apr 28

Very funny PSA from Emily at mile 92 of the Salt Flats 100 mile ultramarathon this past weekend.  Pretty sure she barfs at the end.

Would you run 53 miles through the Scottish Highlands in a full Spiderman costume?

And alright, 5:45:06 isn’t very quick for a road marathon, but the guy was dressed as a giant testicle. Mike, Ian, your play.

You know you’re tapering for an ultramarathon when…Funny stuff.

Want to watch an exciting track race? Check out this last 5 minutes from the 4xmile at the Penn Relays.  Though the announcer’s use of the word “literally” is a bit much, the tactics and raw speed at the end is awesome.  And here’s some analysis of the race and the programs.

Ultrarunning’s first Grandslammer Tom Green was in a horrible accident and needs our help. I kicked in a few bucks, will you?

Survival myths that could actually kill you. Don’t be dumb out there.

Looking for an awesome action cam for less than $100? Here ya go. The link in the article is in Chinese, so here it is on Amazon.

Kilian had a trip planned for Everest starting today. He’s still going, but plans have been modified. Curious to see how they’ll handle their own interests while respecting the devastation that’s hit the country.

Here’s a bit more about the trail race that was affected by the earthquake.  We sure hope that Kami, Lizzie, and Bryon get out of there safely.

We reviewed two new trail shoes from The North Face right here. One’s light and quick, one’s more cushy, but both got solid feedback.

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URP guest list

Everything you need to know about sports bras, including the fact that the first one was sewn out of two jockstraps.  And here’s our review of sports bras for busty runners from last year.

The Canyons 50/100k is coming up this weekend. Here’s a preview of the 50k course. For the 100, all you’ve got to do is run down to the river crossing, then back up to Foresthill. In the heat.  Easy, right?

What are the 21 most packable craft beers?

What his ten year old taught him about racing.

Opinion: How the gluten free movement is ruining our relationship with food.

And hey, thanks for making these past four years awesome! URP was founded by Scott, Don, and Scott about this time in 2011 (I joined a week later), and it’s because of all of you that it’s still around and thriving.  I appreciate the heck out of it. Thank You!

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