Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Apr 30

Koop/CTS: Coach Koop addresses the big unanswerable question…How long should your long run be when training for an ultramarathon?

Big big MUT news dropping tomorrow. I’ll have the analysis and info in the Daily News bright and early.

Wait, a podiatrist who’s not trying to sell inserts and who’s instead focusing on glute and hip form to fix foot pain? I’m listening.

Since then, I’ve thought about the ways that running is a creative act. Unlike most outdoor sports where one relies on equipment and therefore turns a lot of focus toward it — my first love, cycling, being the one of the most egregious among them — running is largely self-contained…Shock-absorbing shoes aside, every motion in running must come from within, and every body part must flow in harmony to prevent the pitfalls of injuries and mistakes such as trail splats. This flow is something I find only occasionally and with great difficulty, but when it happens, it’s nothing short of magical. My body feels perfectly tuned and the miles unroll behind me, beautiful new brush strokes on the canvas of my life.

Another great post by Jill about the trails and adventures in Colorado.

I forgot to include Alison’s excellent Fast Women newsletter yesterday.

Health: If elites are taking these supplements, then if I take even more, I’ll be as good as them, right? No?

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Mario dives into London performances and results, shoe tech, and more.

LetsRun: The site seems to have just noticed that ultramarathons are a thing and devoted some (albeit paid) attention to our silly sport in their message boards. They also released this podcast with Sage Canaday where Sage tries to explain ultramarathons in a context that LetsRun folks can relate to. It’s shocking to me that LR is so clueless about the only segment of the running space that has been seeing YOY growth. But hey, welcome to the party bruhs.

Sandy Stott/IRF: Excellent essay about the internal dialogue he and many of us have when we’re presented with the option of sitting down and eating free food or heading out to get our run in.

I recorded an interview with Golden Ticket winner Jimmy Elam yesterday and will release it later today. Definitely a cooly guy to keep your eye on. Stay tuned.

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