Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Apr 5

How Utah became fertile ground for elite runners. SLC has some sweet trails, then add in Moab, Bryce, Zion, etc and some policies beneficial to pros and it’s a playground for running folks.

And consider Ghelfi’s tweet from yesterday:

Disappointing: iRunFar cowered to the mob and deleted AJW’s April Fool’s Day article about the Hardrock field. LetsRun attempted its own April Fool’s Day joke and the resident MENSA Team lost its collective mind too. This has been a depressing few weeks for comedy. (Personally, AJW’s article was fine…classic AJW. LetsRun’s was pretty lame.)

Speaking of jokes…this is a joke, but the message is also very real.


More Kenyans busted for doping.

Biel Rafols: Anyone know who the youngish boy and girl are who are bombing the downhill on Gran Canaria? And is that a segment on Strava?

Now’s not the time, Russia. Why don’t ya chill out for a little bit.

Barely three months to go until my favorite race in the world…Mt. Marathon! Jamil and crew just released a video series of the course and mens and womens races from 2021.

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