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Ah, one of the most common questions in ultramarathon and trail running: How to train for big mountains on small hills.

Speaking of which, in this part of Australia, the mountains top out at 1900m, but that doesn’t stop these two guys from having a hell of a time on the trails.

Wanna hear runners tell their poop stories? Here you are.

Or maybe this is more your style: Ten pieces of awesome advice from top runners, including Zach Miller and Rob Krar.

Can anyone explain how this makes any sense at all? Comrades winner keeps winnings and medal, despite getting busted for doping.  Oh wait, that was for a different race though, so it’s OK. What???

Science: Get sick less, perform better.

Is the trans-Alaska trail the next epic adventure in North America?

That’s a wrap! Jared Campbell becomes the first person to finish three Barkley Marathons after Gary Robbins dropped on loop five. Here’s a pic of Gary’s feet….do you blame him?  Anyone have an excellent Barkley story to share from this year? I’d love to chat.

I like sours a lot, and hop-balanced beers are great, but hoppy sours have just never agreed with me. You?

Meghan previews the women’s race at Lake Sonoma 50.  I’ll be watching Camille, YiOu, and Emily for the top three (in no particular order.)  Still holding out hope for Amelia.


More on the Shimano/VeloNews debacle.  Interesting stuff.

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