Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Apr 7

Road runner race day fashions. Anyone want to make one for trails and ultramarathons?

We were all set to interview Ueli Steck prior to his run at Lake Sonoma but just heard from Ueli that he busted his ankle last month, only healed up ten days ago, and won’t be making the trip. Heal up!

…we did manage to chat with two folks who’ll be racing hard though. YiOu Wang is going for her first fifty mile finish, but wants the podium. Jacob Puzey is an ultra coach with McMillan and Ian in Flagstaff and brings a different perspective to Healdsburg.  More to come from Max and Kaci today.

IRF’s Men’s Lake Sonoma preview.

Interesting and unfortunate: If you’re a Nepalese runner and wanting to run in Australia, seems you’re out of luck.

It was 82 years ago that the government ended Prohibition and thus, making April 7 National Beer Day! Woot!  What’s your favorite style?

One food blogger chick is super pissed off at another food blogger chick and is calling her a liar.

More on trying to establish a database of trail runs.

How are California RD’s dealing with the water crisis?

Science: Not enough evidence shows that “streneous” may not be bad for you after all.

Apple Watch vs Fitbit Surge face off.

I’ll be camping at Liberty Glen Campground (mile 19 and 31) at Lake Sonoma on Friday night if anyone’s interested. Shoot me an email ([email protected]) if you’re looking for rustic lodging.

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