Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, April 11

From CTS: Performing well from your 20s to your 80s.  Applies to any distance from 5k to ultramarathon.  Great stuff.

Oh boy.  Iowa half marathon charges men 23% more to protest wage inequality.  I’m assuming someone has an opinion on this.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Droddy, doping, burnout, and more.  I was really hoping to open it up and read about his take on the pot/doping issue.  His opinion and perspective is measured and insightful….maybe next week Mario?

Why do mountain bikers keep running into freaking bears?

Here’s our interview with Barkley finisher #15 John Kelly. We talk about his first two attempts at the race and what he learned, how to manage extreme fatigue, where he thinks Gary Robbins took a wrong turn, and why he likes whiskey over beer.

That episode was sponsored by Run the Red Desert trail run in the dunes of Wyoming.  Check out this video of the race and course.  Crazy terrain and a laid back atmosphere look perfect!

And John’s whiskey talk made me start thinking about how much I love the hooch.  Maybe get one of these and try to make my own?

Here’s John on Ginger Runner Live last night.

Fifty years later: Katherine Switzer is running Boston on Monday.

Jim Koch writes about the craft brew industry as it stands today, how independent brewers are surviving amidst the giants, and whether/when a correction is afoot.  Whenever I read anything by Koch, I read it in “his voice.” You too?  Sort of like the Morgan Freeman effect for beer nerds.

It’s always interesting to see which athletes get marketing/rep deals.  Who puts themselves out there, who’s got clout and exposure, and who really wants to do this as part of their life. This week: Dane Rauschenberg.

Science? Why following is easier than setting the pace.

Going from ultramarathon runner to (injured) boxer.  I’d like to hear more about her story.

Kara Goucher writes about the bronze run that shot her to fame and fortune and how the recent DQs of her fellow competitors have left her feeling uneasy about the whole thing.

Excellent report on what it takes to qualify for the 24 Hour World Championships.

The original remedy for burnout: Nature. Except in our sport where too much nature causes burnout.

Tehran’s first marathon was held last week. Didn’t go so well for some of the female competitors.

More beer news: Brewery trademark issue (in this case, Dogfish Head) turns into cultural issue when Italian-American brewer tells Indian-American brewer he can’t use the term “namaste.”  Fuggetaboutit.


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