Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, April 18

Angry Jogger: Ten things they don’t tell you when you go from roads to ultramarathons.  As should be expected, contains salty language.

Here we go again. Another runner carried across the finish line.  Do big races not have a simple rule about “finishing under your own power” like Western States does? Anyone know?  Letting athletes know about the rule seems like it would remedy a lot of these issues. 

Olympic swimmer training and racing hard while preparing for the 2020 games in Japan, all while six months pregnant.

Compelling new book: Why don’t minority groups like adventureIf you’re interested, please consider purchasing it from this affiliate link. Thanks.

Adopt a dog from a shelter, get free beer.  Seems like a good plan.

Five great hikes/trails in Europe, and five great hikes/trails in Cuba.  Where would you go?

Mario ran Boston yesterday and it didn’t go as planned. Here’s the Morning Shakeout with the details.

As Mario noted, it was one helluva day for Americans at Boston. Here’s how they fared.

Kilian’s plans for 2017.

Welp, looks like I’m headed to Oklahoma in the Fall.  This sounds like a brewery specially designed for me.  Anyone from the area want to fill me in on local runs or races?

IPA 10k was this past weekend. Sounds like a good time in laid back Sonoma County.  Luckily this woman wasn’t there.  (Ma’am, you’re doing beer festivals wrong.)

The LRMT (Lets Run MENSA Team) discusses which is harder: Leadville or Western States.

Good stuff: Mental training techniques for ultramarathons.  All are good, especially number four.  Whether it’s an adventure run or a proper race, visualize an “oh shiat” plan for when things go bad.

Is your post-workout soreness the good kind or the bad kind?

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