Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, April 2

Run Spirited: Henry chats with one of my favorite people in the sport, Ladia Albertson-Junkans. (Our interview here and story here.) More on her unique relationship with Gabe Grunewald and how she’s preparing for The Big Dance in June.

Koop: How to get the best sleep possible. It’s important.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Are you procrastinating or not chasing your real passion? There’s a reason why.

Ian Torrence/IRF: Ian weighs in with his tips on mustering motivation.

And more: Now read this Semi-Rad post about morning routines, go out on a run, and try to plan the rest of your week.

Ultra trail runner in Hawaii dies while running. If you put these two articles together and assume they’re both about Alex Nunn, it seems that cops are investigating his death as suspicious. Sad news.

Quick Q&As with Rachel Drake and Tyler Green. One’s an MD/PhD candidate and the other teaches middle school. Both are coaches, they’re each crazy fast and Rachel and Tyler have exciting and envious race schedules this year.

There was some discussion about the Georgia Death Race finish yesterday, so I got RD Sean Blanton on the phone to chat it out. We ended up agreeing to disagree (and after reading some comments I think I’ve changed my position a bit), then turned to talking about the rest of the sport. From Barkley to Anton to media and sponsors and burnout to what kind of support I get at home, Sean was unfiltered and honest. Good talk with a fun guy.
Update: I spoke with WSER RD Craig Thornley and he supports the decision Sean made after carefully weighing all the factors and seeing how the race played out.

Billy Yang: Gearing up to get back at it. Cool video about goals, life, and upcoming races. But now who in the hell am I supposed to hang out with at LS50?!?

Good chat with Mike Ekbundit, a masters runner from Kentucky slash engineer slash trail runner slash OCR runner with a great perspective. Good interview!

Diet: Someone you know on a “juice cleanse”? Send them this.

Cool: This guy (literally) died on the course last year, and this year he’s running with the surgeon who saved his life.

Business Insider: What happens to your body during an ultramarathon?

ACAUG: Running is bad for you.

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