Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Aug 1

Excellent: Four truths all ultramarathon runners need to accept.

Boom! USADA’s on it! Busting 60yo old competitive race-walking eye doctors. Got him! (If this guy’s account of the testing process is accurate…we’re in a far worse place than I thought we were.)

Join Guillaume as he climbs to the top of Mt Olympus in Greece at 9800′.

Apparently Pennsylvania has only one designated wilderness trail. Here it is.

One of the toughest jobs in the sport: Pulling runners who’ve fallen behind the cutoffs.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Rickey’s penultimate run, speed, running books, Tarahumnara, and more.

Also excellent: How to get pacing right in an ultramarathon.

I dunno, I wouldn’t be opposed to these angry old men serving up some vigilante justice on the trails when runners stop for selfies.

Here’s an article about Avery Collins’ cannabis use for training and recovery. Starts on page 70. I spoke with Avery Collins last year in this episode.

How stress impacts your training and performance.

Short news day.  New interview and new review coming out today. Stay tuned.



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