Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Aug 11

This TED talk is worth a second watch.  Consider the records re swimming and cycling and how technology affected them.  Why have some records fallen so quickly in our sport (WS finishing times, for example), while others hold steady (Bruce Fordyce’s 50M WR)?

Whoa, Beer Mile record broken twice in 24 hours. The championships are coming up in 11 days in San Francisco, and yes, I’ll be there.

In any distance, seconds matter.

America’s 20 best beer cities.  Alright, lots wrong with this article. Rather than giving a nod to San Francisco for Russian River (which is one hour north, not two), why  not say Santa Rosa? 20 minutes south is Lagunitas, 20 min north is Bear Republic, and Russian River sits squarely in between.  Seems like the same list that gets published a few times each year.

Athlete rights attorney says Nick Symonds may have a case.

USATF’s head responds to the issue.

Speaking of sponsors, Leadville’s new name is “Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100” after Lifetime Fitness was acquired.

…and whoa, Chinese firm in talks to buy IRONMAN for $850M.

The fellas at Ultra168 release part two of their PEDs in Ultramarathons series. Like yesterday’s, this one’s sure to elicit some responses.

My subsription to ultrarunning magazine lapsed few years ago, and I’ll be honest, I’ve stuck to mainly digital media since then.  But I recently subsribed to the print mag (during a Dave Mackey promo, IIRC), and wow! has that magazine changed! Great stories, columns, pics.  Well done! (NFI)

Something we can all use help with, right? How to be an elite hill runner. 

Sneak peak preview of 2016 running shoes. What are you excited for?

What are the best National Parks for running?

...just don’t get The Plague in Yosemite or get eaten by a bear in Yellowstone while doing so.

Will you be in Utah next month for the Endurance Challenge?

Singletrack Mind laser cut sticker
Singletrack Mind laser cut sticker

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Excellent report from Western States by Gary Knipling and his crew/pacer.  Definitely a must read for those looking to finish The Big Dance.

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