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Fantastic analysis of the UTMB lineup from Ian Corless. Who ya got?

Simple request to elite runners granting media requests before the race: No more talk about training and how much you love the Alps….show up like this and go all in.

Running Leadville this weekend? Be sure to check out Steve’s report from his first time on the course. And if you run into two Aussies names Stu and Anna this week (he’s running Leadville for the first time, she’s crewing), tell ’em hi for me. I ran with them in the Himalayas last year…good people!

Excellent Morning Shakeout from Mario Fraioli. Yes, yes, and yes (especially turning off the notifications!)

A bit more on AlSal’s absence from London. While the premise of the article is silly (Alex was in London, therefore he was coaching Mo and that’s not OK?), the finer points about the crooked TUE process are sound.

I knew it would be tough to try to make the 8 hour cutoff but if we don’t try sh*t that seems impossible (and sometimes is) we don’t learn sh*t.

–Ultramarathon and trail runners all have different shapes and sizes, but share essentially the same mindset.

Everything about this sounds awesome: The single track trail, the culture, the beer, the people.  Yeah, even the molten magma and lava part.

Sounds like something I’d do: Sign up for a trail marathon in Portugal without being able to read the course description. Great report though! How do you say “technical trail” in Portuguese?

One of the many trends that we’ve seen in ultramarathon and trail running over the past few years is the number of coaches available in the sport. From people who I’ll assume are mostly there for motivation, to those with a sports med/science background, there’s a wide range of credentials, letters, and training that go into coaching. Here, Steve Magness (who’s coached some of the top runners in the world and has zero credentials), breaks it all down and highlights the “cycle of credential inflation.”  My opinion? If the coach you hire works for you, don’t worry about the rest.

Tejas Trails puts on some killer events in Texas, and though this one doesn’t have an ultramarathon distance, it’s got plenty of rocks and twists and turns to keep you hurting. More important, it’s got a “Shadow Race” that runs consecutively with men and women serving in the USAF 770th AEAS, Advise and Assist Team in the Middle East. In a similar “shadow race” earlier this year, the RD sent over 150 medals, which turned out to not be enough for the soldiers who covered the distance by running laps inside their base.  More details right this way.

This shirt will appeal to many of my trail running and IPA-obsessed friends. I’m giving one away to a Patron today in case you’re interested.

Funny and endearing essay about the camaraderie formed while naked in the ladies locker room at the Y. My time in men’s locker rooms is limited, but there’s certainly not as much dialogue or focus paid to each other’s bodies. Pretty much a bunch of guys doing everything they can to not make eye contact or cause one of these:

Moon Landing!

While I appreciate the guy’s attempt to save the largest invertebrate on earth, if a giant squid tried to eat my SUP, I don’t think I’d be so calm.

AJW: Three fixes for a flagging motivation. Interested more in the subject? I chatted with therapist Drew Mikita last year about mojo, motivation, and burnout.

Ready to geek out on gear? Ben visited Outdoor Retailer last month and came back with a slew of pictures and info on upcoming shoes, packs, jackets, and more kit than you could shake a (non-collapsible) trekking pole at. Great recap of trends we’ll be seeing next year!

Jennifer Pharr Davis is getting ready to speed hike across North Carolina with her family in tow. I’m anxious to follow her journey.

New interview coming up today with Fat Dog 120 winner Yitka Winn! Stay tuned!

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