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The big question: Do we need more trails?

No ultramarathon content, but there’s an alpenhorn in the story, and hey, I’m part of the silent minority. Yeah, it’s from last year, but so what.

If you haven’t yet watched The Ginger Runner’s new movie about Sage Canaday’s time at Western, check it out.  It’s great to see how an elite prepares, bonks, and ultimately perseveres to the finish line.

What exactly is it that makes us tempt our fate and take risks?

We can’t accuse because there’s no evidence and we can’t believe because there’s no trust.

—and more excellent tidbits from Mario’s Morning Shakeout.

Six of the best trail running shoes for next year, courtesy of Outside Mag.

….and here are some other road and trail picks from OR this year.

Hugo takes on a journey on Boulder’s Mesa Trail.  Hey, I was there last week!

The debate this morning seems to be on “the dive” at the end of the 400m last night.  I understand both sides, but side with Miller on this one. It was fair, legal, and showed a ton of guts. Your thoughts?

While many are focusing on Rio, URP hero Ed Whitlock is quietly breaking records.

Sometimes things pop up in my FaceBook feed that catch my attention: Here’s one of them.

More on van Niekerk’s 74 year old great grandmother coach.  Awesome!

Though not on my list of running or hiking destinations, the West Bank looks pretty fantastic.

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