Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Aug 2

Ultramarathon Daily News, Aug 2

Most ultramarathon folks do back-to-backs at some point during training. Here’s how to do them right. (We’re having David on the show today to talk about all things training.  Got questions?)

Mario’s always-excellent Morning Shakeout with Olympics, money, and running snippets for you to ponder.

Some asshat is putting spike strips on the MTB trails in Marin.  We use those trails too!

What to do and how to handle a bear encounter on the trail.

This tech is out of my league. Will someone care to explain what looks to be headphones that you wear all day that tell you when and how to run?

The unhealthiest meal list for 2016. Yikes, some of these are 3000+ calories!

Sarah’s article in Trail Runner about raising a daughter who appreciates running. Great stuff.

And I’ll throw in another plug for this book. I’m just about done, and can’t recommend it enough, especially to dads with daughters. The author wants to raise an independent, outdoors-aware daughter (through a series of expeditions to the Alaskan bush), then struggles when she becomes independent and ready to leave home. Great stuff that speaks to the father-daughter dynamic.

Summer is slowing ticking away: Here are thirty must-do adventures in California. (Save most of them for off season though.)

Outdoor Retailer starts today in SLC, and I won’t be there.  Bonus: My inbox for the week will be lighter.

TAUR: Which supplements are appropriate for endurance athletes and ultramarathon runners.

As competitive as I am, I certainly appreciate Ellie’s sentiments in this article about enjoying the journey and the training as much as the race itself.

A brief history of beer and running.

I’m not ready to draw conclusions or start a gender war, but these results from Cambridge on words associated with male and female athletes are interesting.  I wonder if it was narrowed down to MUT athletes, how different (if any) would the results be?

Here’s live mapping of Jared Campbell’s current Nolan’s 14 attempt.

And here are live updates and info on Karel and Joren’s PCT FKT attempt.

I’ve heard that many Kenyans and Ethiopians don’t get along well, but swinging at each other mid-race is a new low.

Long and funny report from Vol State 500k.  When the story starts with Kim being stopped by three police cars, you know it can only get better from there.

Can we all agree that shouting “ISIS!” at a beer festival is uncool?

URP hero Ed Whitlock just set another world record for the 85-89 division in the 5000.

A UTMB video game? Ugh.

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