Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Aug 25

Some very very strong opinions on Angeles Crest 100 that can probably be seen at other big races around the country. ย What do you think?

The strongest beer I’ve had is a Biere du Demon (special edition at 17%), but this list puts that to shame.

Jill reflects on how she’s improved as an outdoor endurance athlete over the last ten years. That’s the right attitude!

Certainly not an ultramarathon, but this awesome race is only one month out. ย Toughest 400m of your life!

…and this race is the same weekend. Who’s doing the double?

I’m curious what women (especially moms) think about this article.

Yep, Ethan’s midlife (running) crisis has begun.

FaceBook is flooded with pics from runners in the Alps right now as they all gear up for UTMB this weekend and I’m jealous. Here’s the men’s preview, here’s the women’s preview. I think I regognize maybe a third of the names from each list.

Seven supplements that aren’t a total waste of money. Agree?

I’ve been “watching” Jade and Nickademus as they thru hike the West Coast Trail in British Columbia. Wow, what an incredible place!

I hope other marathons give her the same answer that London did: Go away, cheater. You’re not welcome here.

URP News: We’re recording two new interviews today. One with a fantastically accomplished (and popular) female mountain runner, the other with a guy I wasn’t familiar with, but who’s recent win (and name) have got me thinking…Stay tuned!

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