Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Aug 30

iRunFar/Mock: This week in ultrarunnning. All the results from trail and ultramarathon races around the world.

Watch this: Jim Walmsley suffering thru some tough Kms at UTMB. Big respect for Jim for laying it all on the line. And here’s another shot from Biel’s twitter feed shot before reached the crowds. We often only see the sizzle reels of the races without seeing the runners’ legs trembling over light terrain and that’s why these shots are so relatable.

I know this is supposed to be a joke, but wouldn’t it be great if energy gels did freshen your breath instead of giving you sticky sweet sugar mouth?

Trailrunner/Metzler: Ten takeaways from UTMB.

RunSpirited/Howard: Ten takeaways from UTMB.

And finally, here’s Kilian’s COROS data from the race.

Don’t click yet! Gucci is selling running shoes. Guess how much they cost.

From there, we then switch to the blue ribbons, retracing our footsteps on SCA, then taking left down to Rodeo Beach. That’s one main loop. From there, we retrace the first loop in the other directions, blue, pink, yellow. Then change direction again, yellow, pink, blue. And one last time, anti-clockwise, blue, pink, yellow. Phew, now that’s clear, right?

–Jean Pommier’s race report from Headlands Hundred. Be sure to get down to the good stuff in the report (middle/end) where he discusses Dean K’s incident and what he thinks of the media coverage.

For those not watching Track and Field, Eilish McColgan is having a hell of a year and is really exciting to watch (start watching her 10k from the Commonwealth Games...the 2min mark is where it gets good.) In this piece, she talks about the contraceptive pill and how it affects female runners.

I haven’t listened to this yet, but Dean Karnazes was on the UR podcast (with former URP host Scotty Sandow) to talk about the coyote incident.

The Burning Man 50k started about an hour ago. You’ll have to find pics on the ‘gram. Here’s our interview with RD Cherie from twelve years ago. (Twelve years ago!?!) Here’s a fun video that shows Ryan Van Duzer visiting the Slut Garden Rum Station.

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