Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Aug 8

How many of these people have we seen at local races–from 5ks to ultramarathons. Ah, the rules? Yeah, those don’t apply to me. Funny post.

London road runners: What the hell? 

Mario’s Morning Shakeout explores the state of doping and athletics and paints a pretty dismal picture. Also #transamericana musings and the reality of #vanlife from David Laney.

This’ll be a shorter news day. Two new interviews today…One with the best mountain runner in the US, the other with a new mom from the PNW who just had a tough 50 miler.

Lance’s cycling podcast may violate his WADA ban that restricts him from participating in the sport in any way. Taking him out of the equation for a minute, but this is the type of punishment that would be effective for convicted dopers. No temporary ban. No coaching gig. No media job. Banned for life from everything having to do with the sport you helped screw up.

Truth or myth: Runners should elevate their legs after a tough workout.

Take a few minutes and explore some killer trails in the Austrian Alps along with Guillaume and a few hundred nimble mountain goats.

An interesting look at how other countries–in this cast Scotland–handles media rights and commercialization of public lands.

For all the talk about gear, training, commitment, mental strength….just remember that running is actually really stupid.

Personal comment: We joined a healthclub over the weekend–mainly to keep the kids swimming over the fall and winter–and I’m already learning what not to do. Twenty treadmills, two of which are of the wicked steep variety, and some guy chose one of those (not one of the other ten open machines) to walk slowly with zero vert. I ran behind him, seething for an hour.

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