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Might want to read this: The number one workout for trail racing at any distance.

Alright, I have no idea where Guillaume is in this video, and technically it’s not trail, but holy cow, add that to my bucket list of places I need to visit and run.

Red Rocks 50’s first 12mi out n back was like taking Salma Hayek out on a date and getting an ice cream cone. The next section was where she rips off her human face revealing a ravenous crocodile.

–You’ve got to love a report that starts off this way.  Read on.


You’ve heard us go on and on about the Marin County trail scene. Here’s a great video that shows what we’re talking about.

As more people head overseas for races (and vice versa), this free app may be helpful for post-run activities.

Science: Taco cleanses can help shed pounds.

Science: Chronic diarrhea not a good diet plan.

When your race is 250 continuous miles across the Gobi Desert without crew or pacers and all you’ve got is ten aid station and your gear closet is stuffed with samples from all the top brands, your gear list for the race is pretty interesting to look at.  Not sure how many people are preparing for this type of ultramarathon, but certainly soon good advice and reflections from Bryon.

Speaking of gear, yeah, running has a price, but at least you don’t need to buy a $10k bike to compete at a high level.

Maggie’s DNF report from RDL100.  She offers great “what to do next time” advice that everyone can use.

And I really like Brian’s report from Bighorn.  A lot went right, a lot was learned, and he came out appreciating the experience.

For the ladies: Period hacks and bleeding responsibility in the outdoors.

Has a run changed your life?  For me, yep, a few.  One when I was in maybe 8th grade and my dad and I ran through some canyons in San Diego. Nothing crazy, but it’s stuck with me for the past 25 years and I regularly reach back to that feeling and time for inspiration. For whatever reason, I can’t see myself doing what I do today had it not been for that run with my dad.

Here’s a piece about my friend Helen and how she ran through pregnancy and completed RDL not too long after giving birth.

I’m really enjoying Mario’s Morning Shakeout. Sign up for it here. Mario’s got a wealth of knowledge and experience and I like reading about what’s on his mind.

Interview with the top female beer miler, Elizabeth Herndon.

Your Hardrock odds aren’t looking too great right now.

What do you think of this idea? Building a permanent Olympic site to increase participation and decrease scandal?

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