Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 10

Mountain Outhouse: JamJam reporting live from The Running Event with news of the day and a look back at the history of Mountain Outhouse with Schuyler.

Jill Homer: Jill visits Arches NP in Utah and reminisces about her time spent there as a kid. I’ve never seen those arches with snow…beautiful!
(Hope Karen’s OK.)

The Growth EQ: Excellent analysis of why and how diets, pills, and bro science make their way into the daily lives of some otherwise smart people.

Liza Howard: Race schedule for 2020 looks like fun. I love the idea of using a race on Groundhog’s Day to make up for her bad run at CIM.

FloTrack: NIKE employees protest against the company’s plan to name a building after embattled coach Alberto Salazar.

Mayor Pete’s road racing results. Gotta be the fastest candidate in recent years, right?

African bank partners with sports management company and community to put on a 50k in Nigeria. Race is this weekend and they’re expecting four thousand runners across three distances. The prize money is low ($3kUS), but anxious to see see if this type of “championship race” could be used for marathoners to try longer distances.

Time to slow down on some of those workouts, folks.

Note to those who travel to China for races: If they’re playing the Chinese National Anthem, stare at the flag. STARE.

CTS/AJW: Five things aging runners need to do for the rest of their lives. Whew, I’m not “aging” yet. Guess I can still be stupid.

And hey older folks, now’s a great time to start racing xc! I’m loving watching Ellie Greenwood tear it up on the grass and mud.

Slow news day…what did I miss?

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