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Read this: How to destroy your child’s athletic future in three easy steps.

What’s going on the minds of those who run Sri Chimnoy? It’s hard to wrap my head around that type of event, but I suppose the mental aspect is the toughest/most rewarding part of it.  Solid journalism from The New Yorker.

Awesome pics and summary from Cross Country Nationals last weekend.  High school XC is where I started trail running, and it’ll always be my first love.  Anxiously awaiting Matt Trappe’s pics to post as well…

Let’s visit Guillaume in the beautiful trails of Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria.

It has taught me that finish lines are often the beginning of new and wonderful adventures. It has taught me to believe in myself, to trust the universe, to be grateful for those that I do life with, the people as well as the birds, bees, snakes, alligators, and coyotes that cross our paths in the wilderness. It has taught me the importance of solitude and building a relationship with myself, and it has taught me the joy and honor of companionship. It has taught me that if I am bored with myself, I need to plunge deeper, to uncover that faucet of joy and wonder and creativity that the responsibilities of daily life sometimes dilute.

-Lessons learned from running 100 miles. Great piece from HuffPo that’ll surely draw more attention to our sport.

Varner talks about his Quad Dipsea CR and on knowing when it’s time to DNF.

The LetsRun peanut gallery discusses whether or not Ryan Hall should get into (I’m sorry…retire) to ultramarathons.

Mario has some opinions about whether dopers should be allowed to race. I agree, except that’s putting the onus on the RD to have an up to date list of cheaters. At the very minimum, make it clear on the website what the policy is.  “We don’t check banned lists” or “Past convictions are OK but those currently serving band not OK” or “these drugs are verboten, but convictions for these are OK.”  Something that’ll tell the competitors what they’re signing up for.

I won’t include all of the other links to the subject, but check Mario’s post. He’s linked to Ian’s excellent piece, as well as Sam Robinson’s thoughtful comments and others.  (Read this too though.) If you’ve got an opinion (preferably from the “other side”) that you’d like me to include, shoot it my way.

Not many people pass up a chance to race in the Headlands, but Andrew took a DNS and hopped on a plane to Chile to race around a tropical volcano.  Good move!

Wookie set out on a 45 day road trip that would put him in 33 different states.  There, he looked for awesome trails and ran them all. #jealous

Here’s a neat look at the emerging running scene in India.

Hope this link/infographic works: How outdoor consumers shop.

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