Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 17

British woman runs an entire trail ultramarathon with her dog. 14 hours is a long run for a pooch! What a good boy.

Soochow 24 hour IAU Gold Label 24 Hour Invitational took place over the weekend as well in Taiwan at Soochow University. Runners from nine countries participated and included a number who recently ran at the 24 hour world champs and or Spartathlon (or both). h/t Steeltown Runner.
Interesting to compare the marks to Desert Solstice. To note: DS is held on a track while Soochow on a “parkway” with occasional wind interference.

Men Top 5 Results
1. ISHIKAWA, Yoshihiko (JPN) 279.427 km (173.6 miles)
2. PENALBA LOPEZ, Iván (ESP) 274.332 km. (170.4 miles)
3. TAKAHASHI, Nobuyuki (JPN) 253.600 km. (157.6 miles)
4. HOSAHALLI NARAYANA, Ulla’s (IND) 242.096 km (150.4)
5. PIOTROWSKI, Andrzej (POL) 231.932 km. (144.1 miles)

Female Top 5 Results
1. WU, Yi-Hua (HKG) 215.262 km. (133.7 miles)
2. RADKA, Churañová (CZE) 206.461 km. (128.3 miles)
3. LIU, Chien-yu (TPE) 201.021 km (124.9 miles)
4. LIN, Yi-Ru (TPE) 194.242 km (120.7 miles)
5. DAI, Siou-Yu (TPE) 188.847 km. (117.3 miles)

Citius Mag: Excellent essay by David Melly about chasing–and failing–to earn his OTQ in the marathon. Lots of great lessons for runners of all abilities.

Women’s Running: How to get your run in and still make it to work by 8:30. I would’ve thought that a women’s running mag would have mentioned how to mix kids into the schedule.

Recovery is going well. You’l have to pardon the brevity of today’s news…snotty blood flows out of my nose when I’m sitting upright. Yay!

Treeline Journal: Chase updates us on his attempt to go one year with no beer. Sounds like his struggles are more internal (“ooh, that beer looks delicious, I need that beer”, while my struggle seemed to be more external with offers from friends (“so why are you doing this? Here, just try this one”) and so forth. I’m hoping Chase is finding options with NA beers, as there’s little chance I’d be where I am today without them. Athletic’s Run Wild IPA just made it onto a top 50 list of “regular” beers!

NYT: Peter Snell’s passing gets some attention from the mainstream media. Well deserved. Now if you’ve got some time, go back and check out some of those race videos!

Next hack trend: Cayenne pepper.
Podium Runner: Instead, focus on something legit like Vitamin D.

Just got the ballot for UROY and UPOY yesterday and I’ve got my work cut out for me. As Tropical John says in the instructions, we’re tasked with comparing apples to oranges to pineapples to bananas and it takes a fair amount of time to and attention to block out the “popularity” draw of the ballot.

Two interviews scheduled for this week. Should be interesting on pain meds.

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